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#2. Shop Small For A Big Change

The rise in online retailing giants has shifted the playing field in their favour making it virtually impossible for smaller businesses compete.

#TheGreatFreeSet is an opportunity to set ourselves free by truly knowing the freedom and rights that come with being human.​

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Buy small, make a big impact

Only the large multinational retail chains are able to maintain physical presences – and even they are starting to leave town centres. This exodus from high streets  leaves towns looking empty, isolated and rips at the heart of the social fabric of our communities.

The impact of the major online only retailers is far-reaching and has a direct effect on our communities, jobs and, with less tax paid, investment.

It’s a vicious cycle; as small businesses struggle to compete and have to close their doors, less people will visit the shops ending up with more closures.

Where jobs are available, in large warehouses, these can be harsh,  soul destroying jobs in large warehouses in relentlessly harsh conditions. Little tax is paid and rather bringing money back to our communities the proceeds might be spent on space trips and supersized yachts.

We can make a BIG difference

We truly can make a difference with our money!

If we share our spending with small businesses some wonderful things can happen:

  • Small businesses are able to remain in place and help strengthen local communities.  
  • Money you spend locally, often gets spent locally boosting your local economy.
  • Small businesses pay their taxes in the country (not avoiding them)
  • We usually get a much better customer experience – by staff and owners who really care if you come back. And you get your goods straight away!
  • We have a reason to get out of the house and be social!

Best of all we will often get a lower price too!

Challenge number 2

For starters…

  • Buy something locally instead of online or from a small business.
  • Look up your local businesses with dedicated websites.
  • Join the local loyalty schemes to save even more
  • Look up and support community events and markets
Shop Small, make big changes!
Support local businesses

Or try ‘Advanced’…

  • Spend some of your weekly shopping in local independent shops
  • Choose family-owned/indepenent restaurants and cafes 
  • Share your experiences with others in your community and online.

Note down how many items can you switch from main online sites to local stores for a week

1, 3, 5 items? Can you manage more?

Let us know how you get on. Did anything good or bad happen?

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