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#4. It’s Time to Break Up!(Your relationship with fake food)

Many foods are not good for you, the environment or the economy. Let's purchase and eat more carefully to make a difference to all.

#TheGreatFreeSet is an opportunity to set ourselves free by truly knowing the freedom and rights that come with being human.​

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Your food may be not be your friend

Many foods are not good for you, the environment or the economy. Let’s purchase and eat more carefully to make a difference to all.

Are you addicted to supermarket food?

We challenge to you break free from the supermarket and big brand foods that keep you addicted to products that are not good for you, your community or the environment.

They use cunning marketing devices and symbols to con you into thinking that they’re ok to eat when they’re nothing of the sort.

Excessive and non-recyclable packaging means that the health of the environment suffers too.

At the other end, farmers get pressured by supermarkets into selling to them at a little or no profit. This can lead to over-farming, exhausting the soil to help them make a living.

In non-organic farming, harmful pesticides such as Glyphospate (eg Roundup) and genetically modified seeds  are used, putting the health of farmers, consumers and the whole ecosystem at risk.

Shop wisely to help everyone

By choosing to shop locally and with smaller businesses, you can contribute to a stronger local economy and help create jobs in your community. Shop locally and with independent shops – even with a small portion of your weekly spend.

Food is fresher, better quality and the farmer is very likely to have earned a respectable price for those items. Even better, seek out certified organic produce.

It may cost a little more, but you will be making a huge difference to your health, the seller and the community.

Eating organic also protects farm workers and their families as they aren’t exposed to the serious harms of pesticides

Enjoy discovering new independent brands or trying out traditional foods that are often shunned or priced out by the big brands and supermarkets.

As the world becomes more impersonal with online and big stores dominating every sector, shopping with local and independent stores will give you some enjoyable social interaction too!

Take our food shopping and eating challenges below and see what you can achieve.

For starters…

  • Use a local independent food seller
  • Buy and eat as much organic as you can
  • Visit farmers markets and talk to the producer
  • Avoid takeaways for 2 weeks
  • Don’t use refined white sugar
  • Reduce your sugar intake as much as you can see this video

Or try ‘Advanced’…

  • Seek out local farmers and arrange to buy produce – do with friends to make it easier
  • Try growing your own fruit and veg – even if it’s some herbs on the window sill
  • Remove refined sugar from your diet
  • Avoid foods wrapped in plastic
  • Only eat whole food, unprocessed

We think you will really notice the difference if you take care what you buy and eat.

You will notice a huge reduction in waste and you’ll discover new ways of eating.

Let us know how you get on. Did anything good or bad happen?

Did you find this challenge helpful?

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